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You’re going to have to learn to be a bit tolerant.

A group of teens make noise and will usually leave a mess behind.

Those good feelings at witnessing the child’s progress continue as the baby grows up and goes through various phases — until the baby becomes a teen and the “firsts” have to do with sex.

Developing an interest in the opposite sex, or the same sex, is a stage that every human goes through, and of course parents are happy that their children have the sexual desires they’re supposed to have, but let’s face it, this stage also comes with a lot of trepidation.

You might think that you have no impact on how your teens and their friends interact, but that’s not totally true.

If you can find ways of facilitating their group get-togethers, that will encourage them to stick together.

What if you hate the young lady your son is dating? Sticking with the pack The best way for young teens to get into dating is to go in groups.

If the wrong person comes around, who may be seeking to use your teen rather than really be friends, your teen will never see it coming because she’ll be so glad to have a friend.If you come down too hard on your teens, then they’re not going to volunteer your home as much.And if the group is elsewhere, you have no control over the situation whatsoever.And while that will scare you a little, it will also be a relief, because parents don’t’ want to see their child feeling left out.If most of your teen’s friends are also without a steady date, then it’s fine; but if they all start to form couples, then having your child be the odd man or woman out will also cause you concern.

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