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Their anti-establishment thinking was among the seeds of Lutheranism and Protestantism in Germany and the Low Countries. It is possible that Begents arrived in England from France or Flanders in the 1500s or 1600s.The main causes of emigration from France around this time were the exodus of the Protestant Huguenots between 1562-1598 culminating in the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.They were snapped getting close in a swimming pool on holiday in Spain.Friends of the singer believe it is the “real deal” after she spent a number of secret weekends in the UK with him.Until last year, she even went by Lina Lazaar Jameel in her work as a critic and curator.I revealed in June that Rihanna had fallen for the billionaire — her first proper relationship since DRAKE.

In a sign of what may be to come for Rihanna, he tied the knot with art expert Lina Lazaar at a luxury ceremony at the Paris Opera House in 2012.

Fan footage showed six bodyguards tackling the intruder and frog-marching him away. " NIALL HORAN conquered the pop world with ONE DIRECTION – now he’s aiming to dominate country music.

Before she was escorted to safety backstage, Britney was heard saying: "Is something OK? A month after I revealed he was having studio sessions with SHANIA TWAIN, he’s duetted on Seeing Blind with Grammy-winner MAREN MORRIS.

I told you how he had been taking tips from Shania – who has sold more than 85million records – after being introduced by their mutual producer Jacquire King. The singer said: “Everything is more fun with short hair! I feel so liberated from all the things that don’t serve me.” Not missing ex ORLANDO BLOOM then, Katy? ” In a moment of calm, Sarah told housemates she had “Strength” tattooed on her arm in her GIRLS ALOUD days as a reminder to tough it out during show preparations, as the other girls were more experienced dancers than she was. I used to have a mini-meltdown at some point every four weeks.

HER outbursts have become the talking point of Celebrity Big Brother, and now viewers will be hoping SARAH HARDING can hold it together after she threatened to quit in another meltdown. KYLIE JENNER was gifted a personalised ice sculpture.

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    actor was spotted on a PDA-filled date with Taylor, 26, at Wollman Rink in New York City’s Central Park over the weekend.

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