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So it only makes sense that eventually the show would try on the romantic love story hat and go for broke with it.

Our favorite alien identification agent, Scarlett, finds herself being stalked by a crazy mecha, and if that guy seems to look a little familiar to you, it just happens to be designed by Kunio Okawara, so awesome.

As Dandy and Scarlett go on their dates, Dandy can’t help but do things like steal a child’s toboggan, or continue to get preoccupied with catching and tagging rare aliens (including a snowman, giant squid, and even Santa Claus).

There’s pitch perfect smarmy background music coursing through it all to sell it even more, too.

This guy is constantly showing up and glaring ominously so it’s probably a good idea that Scarlett enlists Dandy to pretend to be her boyfriend so crazy mecha ex backs off.

Gift exchange We all like getting (and giving) gifts to the people we love, but I'm not sure how common this is among gamer couples.Knock off the "truth" part of truth-or-dare and go back-and-forth as you exchange escalating dares. Streak through a dungeon to see if you can get to the boss without dying before the horde gets you. Buy an epic piece of gear and then break it down for crafting components.Hunt innocent bunny rabbits in a head-to-head competition to see who is the most despicable human being. Roll new alts in a leveling pact If you haven't already, forging a leveling pact can be like taking one date night idea and stretching it into dozens (in a good way). Justin "Syp" Olivetti enjoys counting up to ten, a feat that he considers the apex of his career.Explore what vendors have to offer, comb through the auction house, and maybe even craft a cool item or two.If all else fails, find animals that drop hearts and collect bagfuls of them to prove your love in the most disgusting way possible. Create a special space I always value creativity in romantic gifts over the dollars spent because it shows me how much thought was put into an expression of love.

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