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As an owner-operated hidden champion, we developed into a global leader in the production of drive technology – a real global family business. We also keep our company moving, and play a key role in setting the course for drive technology. SEW-EURODRIVE has long since expanded beyond the little motor company it started out as.Processing is carried out directly by the responsible sales employee who is, of course, always available if you have any questions.This page has baseline information on the oceanography of the fringing reef and the beach fronting the shoreline in Maui Bay, on the Coral Coast of Fiji. Whether in conveyor belts, filling systems or container cranes: Our drive technology is a fixture in modern mechanical and plant engineering.Over 900 engineers and 550 researchers, some 250 trainees and students, many thousands of employees in development, production and sales worldwide: They are people with a real drive who work to ensure that SEW-EURODRIVE delivers the solutions its customers need.The preparation of the sample, dating and calibration was then completed at the Institute for Geology and Mineralogy of the University of Cologne following methods of Rethemeyer et al.

The Coral Coast is an area south of Viti Levu with a fringing reef system 400 – 800m wide interrupted by narrow passages.

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The interior of the Lagoon is covered with an alternation between coral patches reaching close to mean sea level in elevation and sandy patch.

Seagrass is present in the area but not extensively.

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