Free buddy chat

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Download marcos let your Webvisitor download files over the chat.

In the "Add-on" section you can directly create a ticket out of your running chat session to the add-on of your choice.

After your ticket has been created you will receive a link in the Chat Panel that directly leads you to your integrated Add-on and gives you immediate access to your newly created ticket.

Userlike can be integrated to many third-party add-ons.

It also provides the Operator with the chat and offline message history of the Webvisitor.

From here you can also see basic Webvistor information, which Operators are available and how many chats are active at that time.

Every chat message that you send or receive in the Chat Panel can be up to 5000 characters long. Next to the information provided in the chat view you will see any custom data of the Webvisitor.However, the settings of the Chat Panel are dominant to the Widget Editor.So if the notifications are disabled in the Widget Editor but enabled in the Chat Panel, you will receive these notifications when using the Chat Panel.In this tab you have an overview of your chat, push and download Macros.Either click one of the chat macros or use a shortcut to trigger a chat macro.

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