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Cher plays matchmaker for two lonely, nerdy, hard-grading teachers, Mr. She achieves her superficial purpose, to make them relax their grading standards so she can renegotiate a bad report card; but when she sees their newfound happiness, she realizes she enjoys doing good deeds.

Cher decides to give back to the community by "adopting" a "tragically unhip" new girl at school, Tai Frasier.

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Cherilyn "Cher" Horowitz is a well-intentioned, but somewhat superficial girl, who is attractive, popular and extremely wealthy.

She begins making awkward but sincere efforts to live a more purposeful life, including captaining the school's Pismo Beach disaster relief effort.

Cher and Josh eventually admit their feelings for one another, culminating in a tender kiss. Hall and Miss Geist wed; Cher's friendships with Tai and Dionne are solidified; Tai and Travis are in love; and Cher wins a 0 bet for catching the bouquet at the wedding.

Matters take a turn for the worse when Cher's "project" works too well, and Tai's popularity surpasses her own.

The situation reaches crisis stage after Cher fails her driver's test and can't "renegotiate" the result.

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