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Fidelity was able to edge out Charles Schwab for the No. Charles Schwab currently offers clients access to three different platforms: Street (web-based), Street Smart Edge (desktop based), and Trade Source (website).

Like TD Ameritrade, all platforms are available to all clients, regardless of account minimums or trade activity (competitors ETRADE and Fidelity have requirements for access to their flagship platforms).

From advisory services to research, active trading, customer service, ease of use, and more, Schwab understands what it means to provide a high-quality offering.

Whether trading stocks or options, Charles Schwab is ahead of most of its closest full-service competitors.

To make the message clear, it is surprising Charles Schwab even offers email support for prospective clients.

Equity trades, including stocks and ETFs, have been lowered to .95 per trade (previously .95) while options trades have been lowered to .95 $.65 per contract (previously .95 $.70 per contract).

When I pull up a quote for Apple (AAPL), the summary page has a similar feel to competitors TD Ameritrade, ETRADE, and Fidelity; however, Schwab is the only broker to offer its own in-house Equity Rating.

With so much research available for traders today, I appreciate the fact that Schwab puts its own viewpoint front and center whenever possible.

Year after year, our testing has found it to be extremely inconsistent and surprisingly bad as emails are repeatedly ignored.

Considering Charles Schwab finished fourth for phone and second for live chat in our testing for the 2017 Review, placing dead last for email support came as a severe disappointment.

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