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Enterprises have to build strict security policy and parameters in a broad IT environment to mitigate cyber crime.

A deep insight into the risk management and implementation of several protection methods is really needed.

The Women Leaders In Cybersecurity Conference at NYU on October 14, 2016, will take an interdisciplinary approach to exploring the numerous opportunities for cybersecurity careers and career advancement in various sectors, provide substantive discussions on emerging hot topics in the field, and encourage 360-degree mentoring and power-brokering as we bring together aspiring girls and young women, as well as seasoned professionals, to collectively address the issue of closing the gender gap in this important field.

Networking Luncheon and Keynote Address: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Threats: Building a Cybersecurity Workforce Introduction: Zachary Goldman, Executive Director, NYU Center on Law and Security, and Adjunct Professor, NYU School of Law; Co-Founder, NYU Center for Cybersecurity Keynote Presentation: Renee Forney This session will focus on women in management and on boards: keys to success, recruiting talent and identifying opportunities, overcoming obstacles at senior levels, importance of 360 mentoring, and how to fill gaps in experience at senior levels.

Let us go through some structural and organizational issues that holdup cyber security from addressing it effectively.

Cyber security is not only a task of lower or middle management but also a vital issue for CEO and senior management.

Based on two surveys of 800 insurers and 1,000 other companies, our latest insurance study shows that, to successfully navigate the risks of the digitally interconnected environment, insurers and their clients need to prepare their organizations well, build the right solutions and collaborate extensively.

Download the executive report Access our latest thought leadership, including C-suite studies and industry insights.

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Job Description Senior Web Designer/WI/Government/Contract Only May require a bachelor's degree in a related area and 4-6 years of experience in the field or in a related area.

Therefore, companies who are intended for cyber resiliency, senior managers must follow below steps.

At last, we can easily judge that if cyber security is not properly dealt, then it could slow down the technology pace and business innovation in coming years.

There is a growing need and considerable talent shortage for cybersecurity positions across industry sectors, thereby creating significant career opportunities. Focusing on how to enter cybersecurity careers and issues of mid-career change: identifying opportunities and matching them to your talents and interests, taking risks, education, mentoring, key areas of expertise and skills valuable for cybersecurity careers.

It is well established that women are greatly underrepresented in cybersecurity careers generally and, specifically, in leadership positions within organizations in many sectors. Government and companies have long said they want to address this, but what really is being done and how can we improve to achieve quantifiable results?

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