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Other supercells produced tornadoes across the western part of the State of Kansas as well, with 33 tornadoes occurring on May 24th.

Annual Severe Weather Report Summary (2016), NOAA Storm Prediction Center.

A brick-framed home was completely destroyed and several meters of railroad tracks were bent by the tornado.

Winds within the tornado were estimated by National Weather Service damage surveys to be 180mph.

The authors would like to thank Paul Super, Tom Troutman, and the staff of Great Smoky Mountains National Park for their support and cooperation and all who participated in fieldwork including Michael Bailey, Meredith Barrett, Patrick Johnson, Sophia Kim, Uma Nagendra, Nick Richwagen, Luke Snyder, and Andrei Stanescu.

We also thank Daniel Markewitz, Richard Lankau, Joseph O’Brien, and three anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments on the manuscript.

We report the extent and distribution of damage severity from each track and characterize patterns of damage using Frag Stats.

We develop a method for remotely measuring tornado damage severity and describe landscape-scale patterns of tornado damage.

We examine the extent and distribution of damage severity and gaps created by tornadoes, and examine how topographic variation can influence tornado damage severity.

Both of these violent tornadoes were surveyed to be EF-4 rated (winds of 166-200mph).

There has not been an EF-5 (200mph) rated tornado since Moore, Oklahoma, EF-5 tornado on May 20th, 2013.

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