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The perfume is announced as one full of contrasts and tensions.

Its flacon is dark and powerful, as if it were announcing powerful ingredients it carries in itself.

I find original just a touch darker in terms of smell, yes it lasts a bit longer than first reformulation and projection is more noticeable.

You could wear the original version at a club and easily get noticed with 5 good sprays.

Sillage: 6/10 It's definitely not one of those "in your face" fragrances, but that makes moreso sexy. I mean, don't be fooled by what the media and politicians tell you, BREXIT was caused by La Nuit De L'Hommes reformulation because of EU regulations. Do I even have to review this god's gift to olfactory system? Already have a review of this but it’s 2018 now just bought a 2017 bottle and the 2015 is def way different than 2017 batch I got...

When its lingering in the air and you get closer, it gives you the sexyness vibe. It wouldn't be as pleaseing if it was "beast mode". Like, have you never owned or at least sampled this fragrance? The End Batch 38p300,march 2017, 6-7 hours with 6-7 spritz on skin and 2-3 t-short. the 15 batch was very weak but they have improved on it since than the smell is a lot more balanced as well anyone can say the smell is always the same but because of regulations scents have to change because of laws and yes that sucks but it’s great when they can adapt with whatever there using in the fragrance to bring it back to what it once was....

New formulation performs at its best on clothing spray twice on the same spot on clothing I find 2011-2013 do better on skin in terms of projection.

Cannot comment on 2014-2015 because I do not own those but should be same.

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In every stage it appears "rounded", "smoothened", there is no sharp note. But, for the people who need something close, but more sophisticated, they shoud try Amouage Beloved Man. Typing this on my phone so forgive me lol I would say I'm very fortunate.

Longevity and projections are on par with previous versions, but the whole scent is not the same than before." people crying about poorer performance go check out raiders of the lost scent blogpost. It is the best replacement of this, from the niche perfumery. I just purchased a 100 ML and 60 ML 2010 batch: 0BAF. And I paid regular retail price no absurd pricing that you find on e Bay.

i found the 60ml 2009 version online for 63$, i sprayed it on my self, the first 2 days it smells pretty genetic/hard to pick the notes, but after a week of pause then i sprayed it again, and the magic started its work, it was like getting high, or it's like you found the one, kind of high, from the first spray it starts with the caraway and cardamon mixed with lavender, a minimum to non existent citrous vibe then vetiver at the end of it, cedar is almost invisible because it's covered with base notes. It was at the back of the shelves and I went away from the city to find them at some random drug store carrying fragrances.

I don't club anymore though lol Projection (2010 batch) I'm getting 4-5 hours solid stays on my skin for 12 hour.

(I don't have dry skin) I've tested and studied this fragrance for a couple years now.

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