Waters speed dating

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After the development of railroads, passenger traffic gradually switched to this faster form of transportation, but steamboats continued to serve Mississippi River commerce into the early 20th century.The Mississippi is one of the world’s great rivers.

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On March 13, 1863, it was burned either by accident or to keep it out of Union hands at Honey Island. Natchez VIII was launched August 2, 1879 by the Cincinnati Marine Ways.

In 1811 the steamer New Orleans was built in Pittsburgh for Fulton and Livingston.

Fulton started steamboat service between Natchez and New Orleans.

The engines were also amidships, or at the stern depending on if the vessel was a sternwheeler or sidewheeler. Vessels, on average, only lasted about five years due to the wooden hulls being breached, poor maintenance, fires, general wear and tear, and the common boiler explosion.

Early trips up the Mississippi River took three weeks to get to the Ohio.

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