Who has rodrigo santoro dating

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January went on to win fame and acclaim as Betty Draper in the hit series Mad Men, which aired from 2007 to 2015.

Bemused but intrigued, Harry buys Mia a necklace as a Christmas present, which his wife Karen (played by Emma Thompson) discovers and thinks is for her.Karen holding back tears after tearing the wrapping paper off a CD from her husband - and realising he bought the necklace for another woman - is one of the most moving scenes in the film.Since playing temptress Mia, Heike, a former flame of Daniel Craig, has appeared in German productions and also played Leisel's mother in the movie version of The Book Thief in 2013.One of Love Actually's most famous scenes shows Mark standing outside the couple's house in the snow to finally tell Juliet how he feels - via a series of hand-scrawled cardboard signs, and to a soundtrack of carolers singing Silent Night.Since then, Andrew Lincoln has gone on to enjoy success Stateside, where he stars as sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes in the hugely popular AMC series The Walking Dead.

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