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This could not happen in Krews without superb performances throughout.

As new characters come into play, you're never quite sure what side they're on or what they're up to.

I get the idea that the writers just sat around in a room one night, getting high or drunk and writing down whatever idea happened to hit them at the time.I never really understood how the white collar criminals were making their money and the struggling mother in the hood trying to "get out" seemed over-done, but most of the other characters seemed real.At first, I thought the main gangster was a terrible actor, but then I realized he is supposed to seem like a wanabe/has been. The best movie moment comes when they go to Hogwarts and find that Hermione is a pregnant chain smoker. Penn's biggest moment comes when the White Bitch points out her castle and it ends up being a White Castle restaurant.Penn then says, “I think I've been there before.” Of course this is a reference to Penn's movie, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

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